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MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER... If you have multiple personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder... or post traumatic stress disorder... if you're a person who enjoys good art... or if you're curious about living with multiplicity... if you're a survivor of child abuse, or another unthinkable trauma, or... if you're a mental health professional... If you just have a big heart (Did I say just?!?)... then this is the place for you! Please spend time in the Art Gallery and visit my Multiple Journals. These pages eventually became nitro rc cars Yes, there is life after multiple personality disorder. There is hope!

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child abuse survivor multiple personality disorder books

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Judy Castelli New York Times multiple personality disorder article

Robbie Woliver's wonderful article about Judy Castelli in The New York Times, Sunday, March 26, 2000
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Click the link above to see Judy back-stage at WRIV Radio, The Kat and Ed Show! (1 min., 14 sec. movie)
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Introduction to Journaling for MPD/DID (in PDF format) - Get it FREE!
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garden furnitureRead two articles on MPD written by Judy Castelli.
Roseanne and Judy Castelli multiple personality disorder with Trudy Chase author of When Rabbit Howls

Roseanne and Judy on the set of The Roseanne Show about... multiple personality disorder- June 23rd, 1999.
child abuse survivor multiple personality disorder books

Healing Tools

Looking Inside: Life Lessons from a Multiple Personality in Pictures and Words. (If you enjoy my Art Gallery and the Multiple Journals, you'll love this book!) Over 60 drawings and poetic text.
Sample the first 25 pages FREE in PDF format.
"This little book may be the best new package of hope and encouragement for people with DID available for survivors in many years." -Sidran Traumatic Stress Foundation

A guided Journal experience for people with multiple personality and dissociative identity disorder and the people who treat them. (Soon available for download.)

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